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Serving families of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Success Stories

“The birth of your child is a day you never want to forget. It was worth every penny! Sometimes, you forget the details in the midst of labor. You cannot get those moments back. I am so thankful we hired Whitney!” Anna, Crowley TX
“I look at my pictures and see a beautiful story. Of my journey, my baby’s journey and all the emotions of my family witnessing her coming into the world. I wouldn’t trade these photos for anything in the world.”
Jennifer, Burleson TX

“Whitney was not the photographer that I booked for our birth - - she was the sub for our sweet doula (and birth photographer) who could not make it. I didn't know what to expect because I had never met her. She showed up and I immediately felt at ease, like I had already known her. Whitney is warm, friendly, and laid-back, and she was so encouraging and affirming. I was glad to just have her there for those reasons alone... but then I saw the photos. The photos!!! They were so professional and personal all at the same time. They were a stunning look at an event that is a fantastic blur in my memory. I will forever cherish them. Thank you, Whitney! I wish I had found you sooner!"
Stephanie, Fort Worth TX